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Where I went to graduate school

It looks like my alma mater for my Master’s in Counseling Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute has been sprucing up their website. If you were curious about my training and influences you might hop on over there, and even if you … Continue reading

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Shocker: Sex-Positive column gets trounced by commenters on

This makes me sad. Read the article, then read the comments. The debate is so polarized. I feel really bad for Jenny Block, author of a sexuality column, in the wolf’s den of Knowing she’s just trying to … Continue reading

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Creator of AWARENESS iPhone app responds!

After reading my review of the AWARENESS iPhone app, the app’s creator Ronit Herzfeld, who just wrote another thought provoking blog (this one about the universally loud self criticisms resounding not only through your own but everyone else’s head) in … Continue reading

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iPhone app teaches mindfulness, effects change

I first learned about the Awareness iPhone App through a link somebody shared on Facebook. Ronit Herzfeld wrote a lovely article about how a lack of emotional awareness is connected to divisive political thinking  and how increased awareness can change us … Continue reading

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The year of being ok

This is the year of being ok. 2010 was a very difficult year for myself, my clients, my family, and my friends. If I were to encapsulate a message for the New Year based on the collective thread of anxiety … Continue reading

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So you want to be a psychotherapist? 11 Things to cultivate.

This is the list that I wish someone had given me when I began my journey as a therapist. I hope people considering the profession of psychotherapy will get something out of what I’ve chosen to pay forward, and that … Continue reading

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“I want to make apps” and other Apple ramblings, plus more WordPress love

So it’s been over a week since I’ve migrated my blog over from my iWeb hosting regular website http://www.therapyforachangingworld to this spot, And it’s great. I can check my site stats (never compulsively). I can shoot a blog straight … Continue reading

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Free Advice Q3: How do I tell an ex friend to stop emailing me?

dear lia, there is a woman that i used to be friends with. when we were friends, she was cheating on her husband and made vague passes at me. She even vibed one of my best friends when she came … Continue reading

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Women and porn: can’t we all just get along?

Call me crazy, but I’m one of those people who thinks women really do enjoy sex. In an interesting and I think bold move, Playboy announced plans to make their Playboy TV channel reflect more content appealing to women: more … Continue reading

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Hello (therapy for a changing) world!

After about a year of semi-productive blogging through my iWeb created website, I’ve decided to test out a migration to a WordPress blog. I’m feeling good about the change, and I think I’m ready to share more content in general. … Continue reading

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