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On Defensiveness and Crab–a rant and a recipe

In all my years of being defensive, recognizing defensiveness in others, and helping others recognize and move through their own defensiveness, I never asked the question until the other day. What are we defending ourselves against, exactly? But now that … Continue reading

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Free Advice Q3: How do I tell an ex friend to stop emailing me?

dear lia, there is a woman that i used to be friends with. when we were friends, she was cheating on her husband and made vague passes at me. She even vibed one of my best friends when she came … Continue reading

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Free Advice- Q2. Late 30’s, overweight male: are the odds against me?

Dear Lia, am a male in my late 30’s. i recently moved to a new state and i am currently working towards a high level graduate degree at a major university. I have not been in a relationship in almost … Continue reading

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Advice Q1: A married man magnet?

This first letter is from a straight female. Dear Lia, I have a question for you that is really bothering me. Why would I suddenly find myself surrounded by married men (3 of them) trying to start something? It is … Continue reading

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