Shocker: Sex-Positive column gets trounced by commenters on

This makes me sad. Read the article, then read the comments.

The debate is so polarized. I feel really bad for Jenny Block, author of a sexuality column, in the wolf’s den of Knowing she’s just trying to educate people on sexuality with what I thought were harmless and non-scandalous comparisons between people and animals drew a lot of fire.

I think about how I would speak to some of the commenters, the anger, the bile, the hyperbolic arguments, and I scratch my head about how I’d argue on the side of sex positive culture to them.

If she had written an article citing animal behavior that reflected heteronormative pair-bonding behavior in swans, do you think she’d be getting this backlash?

How do those of us in the sex-positive community bridge the gap and work towards a society where our desires and our bodies do not create and sustain shame?

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2 Responses to Shocker: Sex-Positive column gets trounced by commenters on

  1. Jenny Block says:


    Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate your support. It is a mad, mad world out there and it’s encouraging to know that I am not alone in fighting the good fight!


    • Jenny,
      You are quite welcome! I am so excited to become acquainted with your writing. I just ordered your book *Open* and can’t wait to review it here. I’m a therapist working with a lot of couples currently or having at one time been in open marriages, and there cannot be enough resources to help people.

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