Creator of AWARENESS iPhone app responds!

After reading my review of the AWARENESS iPhone app, the app’s creator Ronit Herzfeld, who just wrote another thought provoking blog (this one about the universally loud self criticisms resounding not only through your own but everyone else’s head) in the Huffington Post, sent me this nice note:


Hi Lia,
Thank you for letting us know about your review of AWARENESS.  I appreciate your comments and am taking them to heart for what we could do to improve.
Just a couple of thoughts to help you get more use out of the app, if you wish:-)
Every screen has a TAP ME icon which gives pretty good explanation how to best use that particular screen.
The user can schedule as many interceptions as s/he wants up to 22 times.  With increased interceptions, over time, it will not only help them  get more in touch with their feelings but also allow them to come to the present moment.  The meditations practice videos are intended to help stop the person from moving unconsciously in his/her day to day to day life.
Also, in the reports. you can tap into the emotions and begin to see a patterns between your feelings and your activities.  It is a feedback loop allows you to examine negative associations and do something about them.  Users have seen major transformations in their lives as a result of this feature.
Finally, it was very hard to categorize the feelings since there are so many of them and sometimes they overlap like, you could be angry when you are sad or when you are angry, etc.  You do have the option of adding your own activities and then the top 10 show up for you so that you don’t need to scroll.
Again, I really appreciate you reviewing the app and spreading the word.  It seems we both want to change the world with our work.  All the best to you.
Open and warm heart,


Ambassador of the Heart

It’s awesome to get immediate feedback from someone working on an iPhone application, and it’s clear from the letter how much thought was put into the app itself and how much thought will be put into improving future versions.

No Android app, as one reader asked about, but I’m sure that won’t be far away if there is enough interest.


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